Artist Roland Hockett

September 11, Memorial Sculpture; San Jose, Costa Rica

This 14 foot high sculpture was accomplished to honor those lost in the tragic event of September 11, 2001 in New York.  It is meant to symbolize the spirits of those lost rising to another place.  Approval, materials, and arrangements were sponsored by the United States Embassy, Costa Rican – North American Cultural Center,  Am Cham ( the Costa Rican – North American Chamber of Commerce ),  the colony of resident Americans in Costa Rica and the Municipality of  San Jose.  The artist was pleased to donate his time to this meaningful project. 

The sculpture was designed and built of Copper in the artist’s home studio in Panama City Beach, Florida.  It took approximately 4 months to build plus planning which allowed for the sculpture to be constructed and disassembled into small sections for reassembly on site in San Jose, Costa Rica.  It was then reassembled on site in the September 11, Memorial Park adjacent to Centro Cultural in Sabana Norte.  Dedicated on September 11, 2004 it stands as a tribute to friendship and solidarity expressed between our two democracies. 

In the words of the Charge d’ Affairs of the United States Embassy, Mr. Douglas Barnes, “It is a touching and powerful work that serves to both preserve the memories of the victims of September 11 and act as a tremendous symbol of the strong ties between the people of Costa Rica and the United States”.
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