Roland Hockett Biography

The artist has produced works for numerous collections, including the ‘LIBERTY ‘ mural originally installed in the Juan Santa Maria International Airport in Costa Rica in 1987; He also installed works in the Panama City Florida International airport, the Florida Supreme Court, the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica, & Centro Cultural, Tallahassee Community College, Gulf Coast State College’ and with many other private and corporate patrons of the artist. The large 16’ sculpture ‘NEW LIBERTY III’ was accepted for installation in the Canary Islands of Spain, however the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in New York City changed plans at that time and the artist placed the sculpture here in Florida.

The artist also created the ‘September 11, Memorial Sculpture’ (dedicated in 2004). It was sponsored by our embassy, North American Cultural Center, AmCham ( American Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce), colony of Americans in Costa Rica, and the Municipality of San Jose for installation in Costa Rica. The above mentioned works and other accomplished works by the artist may be seen in this website.

The artist’s first project in Costa Rica was in 1979, on the ‘Canas’ project. He has had a long standing respectful relationship of interaction with Costa Rica and its people ever since that great experience. In 1987 the artist was appointed to the state advisory board and Linkage Institute of FLORICA, (Florida Costa Rica Institute) to help develop interaction between the State of Florida and Costa Rica. He served for seven years on the board.

Project List

  • 2019, Work installed at LaPorte Historical Museum
  • 2015, Re-installation of September 11 Sculpture in Costa Rica
  • 2012, Painting & Sculpture placement, Dothan, Alabama Medical Center
  • 2011, Renovation of ‘September 11, Memorial Sculpture in Costa Rica
  • 2011, Completion of Reflections I painting commission
  • 2011, Installation of 7’ ‘Sharon’s Shell’ Commission sculpture
  • 2010, Retrospective Exhibit of Recent works, PC Visual Arts Center of NW Florida
  • 2006, ‘Ceiba Tree’ sculpture for U.S.Ambassador’s office reception area in Costa Rica
  • 2005, Collection Exhibit at Tallahassee Community College , Tallahassee, Florida
  • 2005, Completion and installation of 12’ ‘RollyCoaster’ sculpture in Tallahassee, Florida
  • 2005, Completion and installation of lifesize ‘Diogenes’ bronze sculpture
  • 2004, Completion and installation of 16’ ‘September 11,Memorial Sculpture’, Costa Rica
  • 2003, Retrospective Exhibit of Past works, PC Visual Arts Center of NW Florida
  • 2001, Installation of 14’ ‘NEW LIBERTY III’ sculpture, Gulf Coast State College
  • 1997, Completion of 4 large sculptures for Capt. Anderson restaurant, Captain’s Room
  • 1996, Design and installation of 20’ ‘Olympic Passage’ Steel Sculpture
  • 1995, Sculptures completed for Panama City International Airport, Panama City, Fl.
  • 1993, 6 sculpture forms in 25’ high design; Am South Bank commission, Panama City,Fl.
  • 1991, Florida Supreme Court building sculptures, Two ‘ Eagles’ 7’ high.
  • 1988, U.S. Embassy sponsored one man exhibit at Centro Cultural , San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 1987, Installation of ‘ Liberty ‘ mural in Costa Rica, Dedicated by President Oscar Arias
  • 1981, Installation of over life size carved wood ‘Crucifix’ altar commission, PC, Fl.
  • 1979, Sculptor and designer for Bronze in ‘Canas Memorial Project’, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 1972, Winner of Best of Florida Award ‘ Lunar Landscape’ wood carving, Pensacola, Fl.

In addition to the above works the artist has developed and placed many more works with patrons and businesses throughout Florida, Costa Rica, Germany and the United States. The above list represents a small selection of works from those accomplished by the artist over many years. The artist received a number of awards and honors after a lifetime of art production as well as a 40 year career in teaching art.

The artist will continue to produce more copper sculpture as well as experiments in combining acrylic, carving, and copper. His efforts in sculpture and painting allow him to produce unique approaches to his imagery. He also continues to enjoy developing sculptures as design problems such as those with triangulated form.