Roland Hockett: Artist – Sculptor

Roland Hockett has accomplished many works in Florida and Internationally. They include copper sculpture, bronze, and paintings. The artist’s paintings often combine carving and copper along with acrylic on wood. His many sculptures include the ‘Eagles’ for the Florida Supreme Court building as well as works sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Centro Cultural in Costa Rica. Those include the 16 ft. high ‘September 11, Memorial Sculpture’ and ‘Ceiba Tree’ a sculpture for the U.S. Ambassador’s reception area in the Embassy.

Many sculptures and paintings are in private and corporate collections in Florida and Costa Rica, Germany and other states within the United States. A large 14 ft. foot high 3 section sculpture dedicated to friendship with Spain, ‘New Liberty III’ was placed on the campus of Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida. Another 12 foot high sculpture entitled ‘RollyCoaster’ is installed on the campus of Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee, Florida. Many other meaningful works such the 30 ft. ‘Liberty ‘mural may be found on the artist’s web site.

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The artist enjoys working in painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking and his work shows that his passion includes experimenting with skill in combining materials

He is interested in approaching combinations of figurative imagery with the freedom of abstraction to achieve the feeling that he is seeking in the works.

Design problems are of great interest to the artist and the triangulated forms in copper are good examples of his passion for solving those projects. They reflect on his early Design training which was based on Bauhaus principles and directions.

Roland Hockett graduated from Indiana University with a focus on three degrees. Post – Graduate Studies on (MFA, Art) 1963, with emphasis on printmaking and Design. Master of Science 1961-1962 with emphasis on Art & Audio Visual Graphics and technology. Bachelor of Science 1956-1960 with emphasis on Art, Design, Art Education.

The artist was head of a High School art Department 3 years, Asst. Professor at Florida State University in the department of Art Education and Constructive Design 3 years, and retired in 2003 as an Associate Professor in the Department of Art at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City Beach, Florida after 34 years, where he continues to reside and produce Art.